„The safety of your goods is our priority” 

At LINK, we know how much our clients value the safety of their cargo. This is why every day we strive to maintain the highest standards and respect the natural environment when transporting each of our shipments.

The safety of the goods we transport is our greatest concern. This is why our drivers are professionals in their field. The numerous training courses we provide to our key employees have allowed us to build a team of professionals who can be trusted with the safety of our clients’ cargo. 
Our modern fleet includes more than 1000 vehicles that meet the most stringent emission standard: EURO 6. A vehicle inventory of this size is connected with our responsibility for the safety of your goods.

We are constantly raising our cargo safety standards:

  • Our website allows you to track your cargo, facilitating your company’s time and inventory management.
  • Our trailers are equipped with cutting-edge geolocation systems, which make it possible to keep constant track of your cargo and respond quickly in the event of an issue – this ensures that your cargo is always delivered to its destination.
  • Our trailers meet the world’s highest cargo safety standards. Each of our trailers is equipped with systems that prevent the cargo from moving and incurring damage. Moreover, all of our vehicles feature high-grade anti-theft systems, which keep the goods safe at all times.
  • Our drivers are constantly strengthening their competencies while adhering to all environmental and labour standards. This ensures that your cargo will always arrive on time, handled in accordance with all safety standards.

More than 50 000 orders per year, 5 transportation depots and over 1 000 vehicles at the disposal of our Clients: a testament to 27 years of our commitment to quality and our Clients’ satisfaction.

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