The use of modern information technologies in the transport and logistics sector,
is a necessity and also a certain standard of work. Its essence boils down to skilful
management of multiple datasets and thus their proper use. At LINK, we know this
very well. Every day we monitor and manage thousands of cargo shipments in Europe.

IT systems used at LINK:
  • Through the LINK website, our business Partners have access to the Customer Portal (24h / 7), where they can check the status and location of entrusted cargo.
  • The integrated ERP system ​– supports more processes: from accepting an order, through planning and contact with the driver, and cargo tracking, invoicing electronically.
  • We provide complete and easy data integration with ERP or other IT solutions, which form part of the information ecosystem of our clients.
  • We also design dedicated solutions – tailored to the preferences of customers and the specifics of the planned transport and logistics processes.
  • LINK tractors are equipped with a telematics system.. As a result, at any time, we can verify your current vehicle location, status of the order, constant contact with the driver, as well as send a scan of the CMR.
  • DBy combining the device with the CAN bus, we can download on-line the data necessary for ongoing analysis, e.g.: mileage, burning, vehicle speed and the driver’s work time.
  • All LINK semitrailers are equipped with autonomous telematics system (on-board computer integrated with semi-trailer), allowing you to view the current position and mileage of semi-trailers, and the approximate weight of the load.

At LINK, we know that information technologies are a fundamental basis of our business. They ensure access to the most recent information on which the experts from our Operations Centre as well customers can make decisions. On a scale of 24h information and decisions taken on its basis, there are hundreds, maybe thousands of times when this occurs.

Therefore, in LINK we use secure and scalable systems that we can easily integrate, develop and adapt to the preferences of customers.​

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