We support the professional development of all LINK employees. 
We are a transportation and logistics company that employs 900 people.

Link is a company that many experienced drivers decided to. Some of them are with us many years and the confirm that the work in LINK gives them many benefits:

  • Competitive salary consisting of several components (basic salary, meals, lump sums, bonuses)
  • Flexible working hours and choice of routes
  • Access to training conducted by specialized LINK trainers
  • Modern vehicle fleet (average age is 1.5 years); vehicle service available 24h/day throughout all of Europe
  • Special contests and prizes for drivers only, anniversary prizes
  • Safe and comfortable working conditions


We offer

partnership conditions to LINK drivers, based on respect, safety and comfort of work.


Our Drivers

A day in the life of a driver


Outdoor gym for drivers

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