Our mission is carried out according to the standards of responsible business.
People, their potential, ambitions and passions are a priority for us.
We care about the environment, treating it as an important part of our business. We support the local community.

At LINK, we are sure that
people and their potential
comprise the most important resource
of the organization.
Our company develops and implements policies based on transparent conditions of development, associated with the career path – wages and promotions, raising professional qualifications.
We regularly share our knowledge and improve our qualifications
  • We are an organization that is continuously learning. Our employees take part in numerous workshops and conferences dedicated to, among other things, the transport and logistics issues related to new technologies, protection of the environment as well as human resource management (HR).
  • Communication is an important component supporting the effectiveness of the whole organization; therefore, particular attention has been paid to openness and respect in building mutual relations.
  • We provide partner relationships and open exchange of views. Our employees have access to the necessary information to allow for ongoing execution of tasks as well as generation of new, creative ideas that can be presented during meetings.
We provide comfortable and safe working conditions.
  • At LINK, we do not only care about business efficiency, but above all, about stable and safe working conditions. An expression of our efforts in this area is a certificate confirming compliance of the Occupational Health and Safety Management System with the standard: OHSAS 180001.

Our goal is the completion of transportation and logistics services while caring for
the natural environment to the greatest possible extent. In order to do that we have deployed
the Environmental Management System on the basis of the relevant standard

ISO 14001

The entire LINK fleet consists of modern vehicles fulfilling the EURO 6 standard

The average age of our
vehicles is 1.5 years

We use the AdBlue fuel additive, reducing nitric oxide emissions

We optimize the use of fuel, rewarding drivers who get the best results of eco-driving

We prevent potential environmental pollution by collecting hazardous waste and transferring it to authorized recipients

We effectively optimize routes for cargo entrusted to us

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