Cooperate with us

We want to offer our clients services of highest quality – ones that we would want to use ourselves. In introducing new solutions, we always put the client first.

Dedicated team of specialists at our Client’s disposal

In order to maximize the ease of contact on the line Client-LINK, we introduced dedicated teams of specialists. Each of our clients receives full support at each stage of cooperation with LINK – from order acceptance, through transport and operational support, to services related to post-sales servicing, payments and documentation. This allows us to instantly answer all queries related to transport, cargo, contracts, payments, schedules and keep track of all aspects of the service. Our goal is to simplify as far as possible procedures and contact forms so that cooperation with us is a pleasure, not only an obligation.

Own fleet on the highest level

In order to ensure safety of transport, timeliness and complete control over the logistics and transport process, we maintain a fleet of modern tractors and trailers that meet the highest environmental norms. Additionally, thanks to a modern fleet that offer constant tracking of shipments, we reduce to a minimum the possibility of failures which can cause delays in delivery.

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