Ecology in modern transport

Our vehicle fleet stands out with uncompromising solutions in terms of environmental protection. Besides common norms, we’ve introduced our own strict standards, which aim at ensuring maximum protection of natural resources.

We never compromise when it comes to environmental protection.

We’ve implemented a system of Environmental Management, basing on the ISO 14001 norm which consists in supporting environmental protection and preventing pollution, taking into consideration social-economic needs.

The LINK fleet consists of state-of-the-art vehicles which meet the EURO 6 norm – the acceptable emission of nitric oxide at 400 mg/kWh, so 80% less than in the EURO 5 norm. Limits of emission for particulate matter are lowered by 66% and remain at 10 mg/kWh.

We use AdBlue with our vehicles, which allows to lower the fuel consumption and gas emission, including a maximum reduction in nitric oxide emission. Additionally, we’ve introduced a motivational bonus program for drivers, promoting lower fuel consumption.

We understand how important environmental protection is, and how immense is the role of business responsibility – that is why we would like our fleet to be a model in terms of actions in favor of the natural environment.

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