LINK: How we secure your goods

One of the top priorities at LINK is transport safety. We present how our security measures look in practice. 

The first and most important security measure is owning only new tractor units. The average age of a vehicle in LINK’s fleet is 1.5 years, and the maximum age of a vehicle accepted by us to be used is 3 years. This guarantees that the vehicles included in our fleet possess the most innovative road security systems, offered by the manufacturers. Additionally each vehicle is covered by a maintenance service contract – thanks to this, the entire fleet is kept in an impeccable technical condition.

The second key aspect, in terms of security measures, consists in a constant communication on the operational center – driver line, thanks to integrated GPS and GSM systems included in the vehicles. This allows to monitor the status of a transport in real time and immediately react in case of even the slightest problems.

Apart from strictly integrated solutions, the load is also secured directly. LINK semi-trailers include a number of solutions allowing to maximize load security on the road.

Pluggable stanchions 
Made from square cross-section pipes. 2 or 4 stanchion slots are usually located in the front part of the semitrailer’s floor (depending on the model of the semitrailer). 
They are used, for example, to create a substitute front wall.

Non-slip mats 
Used to increase friction between the load and the floor.

Load belts + buckles 
Used to fasten the load. They intend to protect the load from moving which results from centrifugal force. The most popular form of securing the load using belts is to hold it with them. 

Spreader beams 
A spreader beam. The beam is mounted on the semi trailer’s sideboard to create a crosswise guard which protects the load from moving. It is also a good way to divide the loads. 

Angle brackets 
They aim to secure the load, for example cardboard boxes (edges), against damages caused by transport belts. 

Aluminum planks 
The planks are mounted on the semi trailer’s sideboards in specially prepared slots. They aim to protect the load against moving crosswise. They also constitute a frame for the tarpaulin, protecting it against damages which may appear during transport.

Perforated boards 
Aluminum boards with holes, behind which the transport belts may be fastened.

The Multi-Lock system 
A system allowing to securely fasten the load. It consists in a few hundred apertures in the side perimeters of the semi-trailer’s frame and the tarpaulin fastening profiles, which allow to securely fasten the load in many different points.

The three main aspects presented above: state-of-the-art security systems, a constant driver-operational center communication, and semi-trailers allowing to minimize physical hazards, allow us to take care of the safety of our clients and their goods, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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