Quality and customer service at LINK

For many transport companies, the most important factor which determines the quality of service is just a timely delivery. At LINK, we believe that the quality of transport services is all about the complete customer experience with our brand and services. Besides some obvious factors (such as the abovementioned punctuality), we also take a number of additional factors into account, in order to meet all the requirements of our clients. 

We are committed to long-term partnerships with our clients. The key aspects of our quality policy are the customer communication standard, together with a thorough understanding of the customer’s needs, which are realized through proactive action. It can be achieved through continuous employee training and qualification improvement, supported by modern technologies available in the transport industry. Thanks to the established standards, we take care of the service process at every stage of cooperation with the Client, starting with the first contact with LINK, through timely deliveries and a complete settlement accuracy, ending with the correctness of all the documentation related with the order. 

Thanks to our sustained implementation of customer service procedures and commitment of our team, we always strive for excellence in providing our customers with a high level of professionalism. We also value open, partner relationships, which are an essential element of successful cooperation between LINK and our clients.

Our efforts and commitment to quality is expressed by the motto of our company: LINK – We deliver quality.

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