LINK fleet – 137 new semi-trailers for intermodal transport

As part of the new contract, we are enriching the LINK fleet with 137 Wielton semi-trailers with a structure designed specifically for the requirements of our customers from many industries and dedicated to intermodal transport.

We need personalized vehicles that combine innovative and proven design, high-quality workmanship and ergonomic solutions that meet customer requirements and improve the work of our drivers. That is why our cooperation with Wielton has been going on for 15 years and has resulted in the supply of over 1,000 trailers to our fleet over these years.

The last contract between LINK and Wielton concerns the delivery of 137 Curtain Master Mega trailers, i.e. modern huckepack vehicles with increased cargo volume. These vehicles have been equipped with additional solutions enabling the safe transport of various types of cargo. They put emphasis on safety, comfort and ergonomics of use not only during transport, but also during loading and unloading.

The semi-trailers have been additionally equipped with ferry holders, increasing their versatility. In turn, the use of the BDE system facilitates the transport of household appliances, and specially profiled poles allow the transport of metal sheets in sheets. A certificate confirming the safety of transporting tires and an XL certificate enabling the transport of beverages were also taken care of. In addition, personalized trailers have been equipped with solutions enabling the safe transport of household appliances or tires.

Expanding our fleet with semi-trailers adapted to intermodal transport is connected with the current trends of the TSL market. There is an intensive development of intermodal transport on the market, which is gaining in scale every year. Over the past few years, this type of transport has also played an increasingly important role in Poland, and its advantages include, first of all, the reduction of pollutant emissions into the natural environment and the reduction of transport costs.

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