We are proud to inform you that the LINK company received an honourable distinction in the 19th edition of the Operator Logistyczny Roku (Logistics Operator of The Year) survey for Optimisation of Regular Lines of Transport Deliveries on the European Market.

Operator Logistyczny Roku (Logistics Operator of the Year) is a customer satisfaction survey carried out among the customers of logistics operators, providing objective information on the scope and quality of logistics services offered on the market.

The previous year, 2020, was defined by the worldwide crisis to the extent that had never been seen before. In the face of unprecedented obstacles, all the businesses had to show great flexibility and efficient management. That is why we take even more satisfaction in the positive opinion of our Clients that they expressed in the OLR survey in relation to such a difficult and unstable year, especially since they appreciated our handling of regular lines of transport deliveries in Europe.

The previous year’s survey was carried out somewhat later than usual in order to study the change in demand for logistics services during the period after the first wave of COVID-19 pandemic. The results of the Operator Logistyczny Roku 2020 survey were published later than usual as well – on 15th of June 2021.

The aim of the Operator Logistyczny Roku survey is providing the market participants with knowledge regarding the expectations of clients and the level of performance of logistics services. The survey results are used for creating a ranking of companies that enjoy the highest level of trust among clients, which is used for promoting highest quality logistics services. Multiple elements of company management are subject to evaluation: the competitive potential of a company, the comprehensiveness of logistics services, the implementation of the logistics service standards assumed, the customer care standard as evaluated by key accounts, the customer care standard as evaluated by all clients, the market leader position as evaluated by key accounts, and the market leader position as evaluated by all clients. Through referring the service quality evaluations to the needs and expectations of the clients and their perception of the whole competitive environment, this survey program allows its participants to determine their position on the market.

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