LINK is, first of all, about values!

The LINK Company has been present on the market of transport services for almost 30 years – despite enormous changes which occur on the transport market each year, our key values remain unchanged. 
Our most important principle is policy of quality. While implementing new technologies and operational solutions, creating the new departments within the company and offering new services to our Clients, we are always motivated by the eagerness to provide the best services possible, as well as the high level of satisfaction for our Clients and Business Partners. 
The best illustration for this principle is our fleet. It is the most significant tool for us in our work and therefore, it needs to meet the highest quality standards. Currently, the average age of the vehicle in the LINK fleet is one and a half years, and each tractor unit which exceeds the age of three years is replaced with a new one. It guarantees Our Clients’ safety of deliveries and minimizes the risk of occurring the unexpected failures.

Another essential value which we have been relying on for 30 years are the people – we perfectly know that work is an important component of life – but it is not the only one. Therefore, apart from constant care for the development of our employees’ professional competences, we encourage them to pursue their passions by the means of supporting sports activities and charity events. 
The third pillar of our development is innovation. At our LINK Operational Centre we make use of the advanced central monitoring and resource planning system and we provide our Clients with an access to dedicated IT solutions which are suited to the needs of particular projects and our Clients’ preferences.

Thanks to the principles set by us we conduct continuous development on both the Polish and European market, achieving the consequent business goals and meeting our Clients’ expectations by constantly providing the added value.

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