LINK means transport of the future!

Currently, in the transport industry huge changes are occurring, which are the result of the development of new technologies, digitalisation but also of progressive climate changes. The largest companies in the TSL industry adapt their strategy to changing market conditions and requirements.

In the LINK company, we have also been implementing changes for many years. We provide the highest level of customer service due to the automation and optimisation of processes, support of modern IT tools, as well as full flexibility and development of team competences. Currently, we also use one of the most modern transport fleets in Europe. Our cars are equipped with the latest systems that not only contribute to environmental protection, but also significantly increase the safety of drivers and other road users and meet stringent exhaust emission standards. In addition, our team of qualified specialists provides high quality at every stage of services rendered to our clients. 

In addition, the LINK company is committed to the subject of autonomous transport in order to meet the latest technological developments. We know that autonomous processes are the future of transport. That is why LINK is a Content Partner of the innovative specialisation „Autonomous Vehicle Coordinator” in the field of Logistics of the SAN (Social Academy of Sciences) at Lodz. At LINK, we are already investing in a modern and innovative 'tomorrow’. 

In our daily work we combine the best competences and predispositions of our teams with process optimisation through the use of digitisation, dedicated IT tools and automation. 
The highest quality of service supported by modern technology is the future of LINK – this future begins today.

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