We take pride in our drivers

Apart from a safe and environmentally friendly fleet, the foundation of a reliable transport company are people. It is the drivers of modern tractors who hold responsibility for goods entrusted to them, and their timely and safe delivery.

This is why at LINK Sp. z o.o. we take special care of our drivers. We always look for people with passion, who treat transport not only as a job, but most of all as a pleasure.

We treat all of our drivers on an individual basis. Guaranteeing the highest work standards, different drive systems, transport safety and modern and environmentally friendly fleet – these are only some of the advantages of working at LINK.

In each of our employees we see first of all a human being. We provide our drivers with a range of trainings in the area of safety, ecology and safe driving to improve their skills in each field.

We gladly develop passions of our drivers and all of our employees by organizing a number of competitions with various prizes and company meetings, so that everyone can feel like a part of LINK.

We always build cooperation on partnership, safety and mutual respect. Together, those pillars constitute the most important value for LINK.

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