Safety Policy in accordance
with TAPA TSR requirements

Our mission is to provide customers with high quality transportation services provided with due consideration for the timeliness and safety of the cargo entrusted to us, and to perform our operations in accordance with legal and other requirements.

The aim of the company is to provide long-term satisfaction of the company’s Customers with regard to our cooperation, in particular timeliness and safety of deliveries. We strive to build long-term relationships with our Customers, Suppliers, Employees and all internal and external stakeholders, based on openness, trust and cooperation. We engage all stakeholders to reduce the adverse environmental impact of the company and its work environment and, in the social dimension, to improve safety at work, on the road and in other areas of the work environment.

Successful implementation of the established Safety Policy beneficially contributes to safety, development and the company’s image on the market.

The rules of the Security Policy:

  • we ensure a high level of safety of the services offered through constant development and investment in our infrastructure,
  • we effectively monitor and eliminate threats affecting the safety levels,
  • we provide our services in a timely and reliable manner,
  • we observe all the applicable requirements and legal regulations,
  • we enhance the knowledge and qualifications of our employees and raise awareness among contractors,
  • we analyse and assess risks in the supply chain,
  • we ensure a high level of safety of the services offered through constant development.

The Safety Policy established and approved by the Board of Directors is the basis for the continuous maintenance and development of the Supply Chain Safety Management System. We make every effort to ensure that this Safety Policy is made available to all interested parties and is given constant attention by both employees and the company’s management.

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