Awards and prizes for LINK despite a difficult period for the transport industry

The year 2018 was a year full of challenges for transport service providers. A significant increase in the costs of operating activities combined with simultaneous increases in fuel prices has led to a difficult situation in the global transport market. We also face these problems—however, despite the difficult period for the industry and many uncertainties, for example in terms of legislation (among others related to „Brexit”), in order to respond to new challenges smoothly, we introduce both operational and strategic changes to match LINK’s activities as well as possible to the market situation and the requirements of our clients, and to maintain a strong market position.

The end of the year is also the time of many industry summaries and rankings. Recently, despite many difficulties, we managed to receive several distinctions and achieve some success.

In November, we received the „Employer of the Year” award granted by local business, local government and scientific circles. This distinction is another confirmation that people are of utmost importance at LINK. Human resources are the main aspect of business development for us, and we make every effort to create a socially responsible business on every level. 

In December, during the annual Christmas meeting, we awarded several dozen of our jubilee employees with 10 and 15 years of experience at LINK, both office workers and drivers, in recognition of their many years of work and contribution to the development of LINK. In addition, during the event, several of our drivers from the Poznań base received prestigious badges and diplomas awarded by the International Road Transport Union—IRU for the best drivers. Drivers who are candidates for the IRU award must meet high requirements—a diploma may be awarded to a professional driver who has been working for a continuous period of at least 20 years. One of the requirements is that the driver should travel a minimum of one million kilometres without causing a serious traffic accident over these 20 years, and that during the last five years they would not commit serious offences against the road, customs or administrative regulations. The distinctions for the best drivers from companies that belong to the association of national members of the International Road Transport Union have been awarded since 1969.

Another undeniable success is also the award which we have recently received thanks to the high satisfaction of our clients. In December, we became the winner of the most important survey among the clients of logistics operators in Poland—Logistics Operator of the Year, which provides objective information on the scope and quality of transport and logistics services offered on the market. On December 4 of this year during the Logistics, Transport and Production Gala in Warsaw, the results of the seventeenth edition of the Logistics Operator of the Year survey were announced. LINK received an honorary distinction in the category of „The best hauler for just-in-time deliveries”. The survey is carried out by an independent research agency.  The aim of the Logistics Operator of the Year survey is to provide market participants with knowledge about client expectations and the level of logistics services. Based on the results of the survey, a ranking of companies enjoying the highest trust of clients is created. Many elements of company management are evaluated: the competitive potential of the company, the comprehensiveness of logistics services, the implementation of established standards of logistics services, the level of service based on the opinion of key clients, the level of service based on the opinion of all clients, the position of the market leader in the opinion of key clients and the position of the market leader in the opinion of all clients.The awards and rewards we receive, despite the difficult period for the industry, are a motivation for our entire team—that is why we are ready for the challenges that the year 2019 will bring, and for further development of our services to offer our clients the greatest added value.

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