Our drivers health and safety is our top priority

Very important element of safe and efficient transportation are the drivers. It is them who are responsible for the transported goods, timely delivery and safety on the roads.

In LINK, we are perfectly aware of that fact. We are also aware that remaining in an unchanged position for a long time causes discomfort at work.

Trying to meet the expectations of our drivers, and caring about their health, safety and best possible quality of their services, we joined the programme of outdoor gyms for drivers – Truckers Life.

We promote a healthy lifestyle among drivers. With the exercise done on the outdoor gym sponsored by LINK, our employees can have an active break in order to compensate for the sitting position at the same time improving their attention and focus while driving.

In addition, frequent exercise during work prevents diseases of the cardiovascular system, especially cardiac arrest and hypertension, and improves general wellbeing.

That is why LINK is very pleased to finance the outdoor gym located in Olszyna at the BP Granica along the 18 inter-state road.

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